Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Artist in Williamsburg

I just got back from a visit to New York.  As well as haunting the museums and galleries, I had the treat of an invitation to visit Matthew Blackwell in his studio in Brooklyn.  Our friends Michael Matthews and Jane Crow were going to visit him and asked us to come along.

At the top of five steep sets of stairs and through a maze of twisting hallways, we found him busy making a pot of coffee for us.  The living quarters are what you might call cozy, or colourful, or claustrophobic but there is a great view out the window and he seems to have no fear of fire traps.

Here are a few of his paintings:

After looking at his canvases, you might wonder what kind of a crazy person created them.  However  he is a very charming, relaxed and friendly character.  He shows at Edward Thorp Gallery in manhattan.

Tuesday, November 04, 2014

Paintings Placed at U.B.C. Pharmaceutical Building

Three of my paintings have been placed in the  Pharmaceutical Sciences building at the University of British Columbia.  The very clean and uncluttered design of the interior of this new building is a good fit for the paintings.

The paintings seemed large in my studio, but the grandness of the scale of these spaces rather dwarfs them.  I am really happy to have them in such a compatible setting.