Tuesday, May 03, 2016

"Less & More", exhibition of new paintings, opening May 21st, 2016

This is one of the paintings in my coming exhibition, 'Less & More", at The Gallery/art placement inc., in Saskatoon.

"Turnaround", 2015, 42 x 42 inches. acrylic on canvas

Levi Nicholat, one of the new owners of the gallery,  has written an essay about the paintings, showing an understanding of where I started from in my painting, how I have progressed over the years, and where I am now.  The whole essay is available on their website, but I quote from it here:

"Interestingly, while Service has spent more than a decade exploring a simplified aesthetic, her very recent paintings demonstrate a swing of the pendulum back towards a more lushly impressionistic approach. Features in the landscape are once again more detailed, space is more complex, and there is generally more going on; however, these elements are now contrasted against areas of flat colour and crisp, graphic lines--the signatures of her reduced works. Rather than a return to a previous style, these paintings are actually a complex synthesis of stylistic idioms in the continuing evolution of Service's artistic practice."