Saturday, March 25, 2023

'Spring Fever'

These paintings and others of the floral series are presently in a group show at the Oeno Gallery Royal  Annex in Ontario.  This is a very nice exhibition space in The Royal Hotel, Picton, a lovely town near to where the main gallery is located in Bloomfield, Prince Edward County.  Catering to a triangle that encompasses Toronto, Ottawa, and Montreal the gallery attracts devotees all year round.  

Here are the other of my paintings in the show:

Velvet Poppy, 30x30", 2020

Twin 2, 30x30", 2020

Purple Rain, 30x30", 2020

Blossom, Pale, 30x30", 2020

If you go to my post for November, 2020, I talk about how I started this series.  I had such fun during that uncertain time.